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NorQuant søker utvikler

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NorQuant Technology is searching for a fulltime junior or experienced back-end developer.

First we would like to tell you a little bit about NorQuant.

  • NorQuant Technology is developing a powerful and pedagogical analysis product with global potential to professional clients. In addition, we are developing an app-based automated platform for the private market that will offer a better basis for the best portfolio composition. 

  • NorQuant Technology, through its cooperation with leading players such as Nord University (climate) and Norwegian Computing centre (machine learning), has access to data and specialist skills. This has resulted in NorQuant being granted 14 MNOK in support from the Research Council of Norway for a global research project within ESG and machine learning. 

  • NorQuant Kapitalforvaltning will be the leading company in quantitative management in the Nordic countries. Our first fund is NorQuant Multi-Asset. The company utilises its unique expertise and results from research to develop innovative, quantitative funds. In June we launched NorQuant ESG.

We are looking for a developer with interest in the investment management industry who is eager to learn technology and finance while helping us build our back-end infrastructure. The work consists of database maintenance tasks and in building, testing and deploying tools for our quantitative investing pipeline, which is used to do research and automate investment decisions.

Minimum experience: 1-2 years professional experience as a developer or proven capacity to create collaboratively high quality code

To be the ideal candidate you should have:

  • A master's degree in computer science, data science, applied mathematics, physics, engineering or a degree in finance with a quantitative specialization.

  • Work experience as a developer or, in the absence of such experience, an ability to prove that you have software development skills and know good data management practices. Agile development experience is a plus.

  • You are fluent in Python. Having experience in SQL and some relational database management system or with the Linux shell is a plus as well as being able to read R code.

  • Prior knowledge of the AWS ecosystem. A lot of your work time will be spent there.

  • Problem-solving skills and a self-driven attitude. You can formulate your own questions that address our business needs.

  • Good communication skills and team spirit.

  • We build software that will manage other people's money, and this demands attention to detail, accuracy, a sense of responsibility for the quality of the work and moral integrity.

The technical requirements above are not strictly required. This position offers you a unique opportunity to develop yourself and to acquire skills from the full spectrum of quantitative finance and of back-end development.

You will have the support of experienced quantitative analysts and developers to learn the tools and models that we build. We offer flexible working hours and possibility to work remotely part of the time. The compensation will be according to experience and periodically re-evaluated to reflect newly acquired skills.

If you think you are the right candidate or have questions about the position, please contact CEO Alberto G. Jiménez on agj@norquant.no. CV and application must be attached.